You’re in good company

We have an amazing network of industry partners helping to make our digital education, emerging tech and social impact initiatives a reality. From training, to accessing our students for pro bono project work or to hiring skilled talent through our training pipelines – there’s something for every kind of organisation.


Time Under Tension

Academy Xi and Time Under Tension have partnered to create Generative AI Design Sprint Zero™. This 2-week workshop-style course provides learners with all they need to know to prepare themselves or their businesses with applicable generative AI skills.

Australian Institute of Management

Academy Xi launched its partnership with AIM to work together and introduce four new Short Courses and three self-paced Elevate courses within AIM’s Technology faculty.

Random Walk

Academy Xi has partnered with Random Walk as its official AI Training Delivery Partner. Academy Xi and Random Walk will be delivering top-notch corporate training in all things AI across India, the Middle East, and the UK. 

Atomic Loops

Academy Xi and Atomic Loops have partnered to deliver AI workshops which have been designed to provide business leaders with a solid foundation in AI concepts, practical insights into its strategic implementation, and hands-on experience with user-friendly AI tools.

How we can help your business thrive

Renne Tilyard
Renne Tilyard

UX Chapter Lead at Endeavour X

“We were surprised by how aligned the UX work was with the future strategies of the business. Most of the concepts that the group came up with were already in our roadmap. It was superb validation from the perspectives of fresh eyes.”

Bridging the gap between business needs and student aspirations

Access a multitude of opportunities to work with us and our students.

Pro bono projects

Solve your UX/UI, Graphic Design or Digital Marketing challenges through our live client projects with students.

Mentorship programs

Participate in student showcase events and provide expert feedback to the next generation of digital talent.

Make an impact with recruitment & upskilling services

We help you grow your future workforce with top-tier talent.

Easy recruiting

Our talent services will help you find your next great hire from our community of industry trained and job-ready graduates.

Upskill your team

Leverage our suite of cutting-edge courses to train your current staff for placement in priority areas within your business.

Malcom Kinns
Malcom Kinns

CEO of Generation Australia

“We were looking for a partner who has expertise in the domain itself but who was also very values aligned. We needed them to be able to deliver a quality program but also understand deeply the purpose behind it – and Academy Xi fitted both of those bills.”


We are incredibly fortunate to work with forward-thinking organisations who share our vision and commitment to help empower people through education.