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Use the power of data visualisation to align your organisation

Sharpen your decision-making by representing data in a way that your whole organisation can understand.

What’s the cost of doing nothing?

  • 70% of employees are expected to work heavily with data by 2025¹. 
  • But only 40% of employees say they are being provided with the data skills their employers expect². 

A pronounced skills gap is just around the corner – and organisations need to act quickly or risk falling behind.

(Source: ¹&²Forrester, 2022)

Data visualisations for clearer communication

A strategic visualisation makes the light bulb go off. You just don’t get that with a spreadsheet.

Data visualisation is the process of turning data into graphics, which simplifies information and sophisticated ideas. It is both a science and an art form. It requires not just technical skill – but also craft of storytelling to ensure your audience are taken on the journey.

Visualisations showcase and communicate trends that would otherwise be the exclusive domain of data teams. Converting data into a visual form enables people to present their research and leverage a new, well-informed course of action. This process helps democratise data and allows businesses to make better strategic decisions.

Empowering employees by raising data skills is crucial in order for businesses to transform. To harness data, companies must scale organisation-wide upskilling solutions to instill a true data culture.

Realise increased innovation

Produce actionable insights to innovate and improve every corner of your organisation.

Enjoy higher productivity

Apply data-driven decision making to improve job performance throughout your workforce.

Witness better customer experiences

Improve your service and solve the right problems for your customers by using data to work on the most impactful initiatives.

Achieve transformation goals

Give your teams the skills they need to deliver digital transformation.

Get your ‘hands dirty’ in data

Identify key insights and create meaningful visualisations.

Confidently use popular data tools

Feel equipped with the likes of SQL, Excel, Python, Tableau and more.

Practice compelling data storytelling

Communicate and influence stakeholders with clear data  narratives and supporting visualisations.

BYO project

The choice to use an organisational project. Build the commercial model and outline product recommendations for future implementation.

In-demand digital skills

Embed modern product skills into your workforce that truly translate to digital transformation and broader business success.

Immediate results

Bring a project drawn directly from your business into our programs so that your people push priority projects forward within the context of learning.

Strong talent pipelines

Fortify your product talent pipelines with uplift programs to ensure deep talent pools and that your digital transformation projects remain on track.

World-class learning experience

We create a vibrant learning culture including access to an ecosystem of industry expert facilitators and learning designers.

Lasting skills uplift

Bring about real behaviour change with hands-on learning that goes beyond standard content libraries.

Industry recognised certification

Every learner receives an industry-recognised product management certification and digital badge to showcase their new capabilities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise the difference between explanatory and exploratory visuals
  • Learn the principles that underpin designing graphs for clearer communication
  • Identify which graph type is going to support your data narrative most effectively
  • Discover how to organise your data and ideas to communicate them most impactfully 
  • Communicate and persuade stakeholders using data visualisation and data storytelling

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